Just Us Girls

This doesn’t happen often–in fact, never. Coach needed to leave campus for a few hours and asked me if I could cover his class. Of course, I said yes. It was an all girls’ 7th grade PE class.

As they gathered in Room 30, they immediately wanted to know what we were going to do. Writing on the board was a suggestion along with going outside. I immediately shot those down. They were acting as if they were new to me. They should have known that they were going to sit down, get out something to read or something to work on, and read/work quietly. This was after all, my planning period.

Student #1: Ms. McCraw, can we ask you some questions?

Me: About English? About what’s going to be on your final?

Student #1: No, personal.

Them: Yeah!

Me: (Absolutely not!) Okay.

They excitedly gathered around my desk, and the questions started flying.

Student #1: Are you dating anyone?

Me: No. Do you have an uncle, cousin, neighbor?

Student #1:  Yeah, I got you, Ms. McCraw. I’ll hook you up!

All: Laughter

Student #2: I have two brothers.

Me: Yeah, but they’re little.

Student #2: Oh, yeah.

All: Laughter

They decided they were going to take turns saying whom they liked, and they did just that. A few of them were in “relationships” with boys and were “dating.”  I noticed that several of them liked the same boy.

Me: So everyone likes XYZ?

Them: Nooooo!

Me: Well, who does XYZ like?

Student #3: Me!

Me: Oh, cool!

They continued to talk about boys, the ones they liked and the ones they didn’t like. We talked about make up (on non-school days, some of them wear as much as or more than I do), they sang, danced, and sang some more. They combed each other’s hair, and laughed at inside jokes. It was a good class for PE/English.

I told them my most embarrassing moment in high school (that’s another blog). They too thought it was embarrassing, but that didn’t stop them from laughing.

I was impressed with how they interacted with one another, and I enjoyed having them in Room 30 for PE.

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