Where’s the H?

Meanwhile in Room 30…

After giving instructions to my 6th grade class…

Me: Any questions?

A student raises his hand.

Me: Yes.

Student #1: Where are you from?

Dang! I forgot to say, “Any questions ABOUT THIS ASSIGNMENT?”  If you don’t say: ABOUT THIS ASSIGNMENT, you open yourself up to all kinds of questions such as, “Can I go to the restroom?” “What time is this class over?” “Do you have any kids?” “My dad wants to take you out on a date. What should I tell him?” And the list goes on.

Me: Houston.

Student #1: Oh. I thought you may have been from somewhere else because you talk funny.

Me: Oh?

Student #2: You have an accent.

Student #1: No, not really. You just pronounce some of your words funny.

Student #3: (seemingly upset) What!? Ms. McCraw don’t talk funny!

Student #1: (determined to make his point) Like in #2. You said youge. It’s huge, with an h. And you said YOUston. It’s Houston, with an H. Why don’t you pronounce the ‘h’? Where’s the ‘h’, Ms. McCraw?

Me: (smiling, a bit amused. Somebody finally caught that and pointed it out. Dog-gone kids!) Page 141, exercise 3. In addition to the directions, add diagram each sentence.

Moans and groans from the class.

S/N: There’s a whole list of words that I cannot pronounce. Don’t call me out on it, kid.

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