You Told Who What?

I am not immune to the world of on-line dating. I’ve been swiping to the left for a few months now. With that being said, I’d been communicating with a gentleman that I met on-line. We’d text a few times, talked and laughed a few times on the phone, then the inevitable happened. He started inquiring as to when we were going to meet. I have to confess that I was cool with just phone communication. I didn’t feel the need to meet. I mean, I’m golden on the phone, but in person….well, in person I lag sometimes….I know, right!

He and I decided to meet at Pappasito’s Cantina because I just love Mexican food. Although, all I ever order is beef enchiladas. I got there first (or so I thought) and got us a table. “Will someone be joining you?” asked Victor, my waiter. “Maybe. I don’t know” was my reply. I proceeded to place my drink order and eat chips and salsa. The phone rings, and it’s my lunch companion. “Are we still meeting today?” he asked. “Yes?” I answered questioningly because I’m thinking: Why are you asking me that when I’m already sitting here? If he was getting ready to give me some excuse to back out of the meeting, I was going to be okay with that and continue with my order. “Cool!” was his response. He said some other things, but I don’t remember because I was really into my chips and salsa. Did I mention that I love Mexican food? (I even thought I was Mexican for a while, but that’s another story.) The next thing I remember hearing was, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

I had found myself staring at this guy walking into the restaurant. He was short and stocky, dark complexion, wearing white shorts (I guess they were shorts. They went all the way to his ankles. Are those shorts or capris?), a light orange & white shirt, orange tennis shoes, and a black baseball hat. He had the phone to his ear, looking at me with a big Kool-Aid grin, and walking to my table. Yelp! That was my lunch companion! I greeted him with a smile and a hug. That’s what we do in the South—smile and hug.

I don’t write people off because of their looks, and I hope I’m not written off because of my looks. I know I’m not a beauty queen, but I’m not scratching fleas from behind my ears with my hind legs either. With that being said, he looked how he looked. It was not lust at first sight…not on my part anyway. He wasn’t tall. He wasn’t masculine. He wasn’t handsome (to my eyes). He wasn’t really my type. He was however dark, and if you know me, you know I like dark-skinned men. But I was willing to give him a chance. After all, we’d had some fun phone conversations.

“I saw you when you got out of the car. I was hoping that you was you.” He said.

“So, you were watching me walk through the parking lot?” I asked.

He grinned and shoved a salsa-covered chip in his mouth.

Lunch was delicious! Pappasita’s never disappoints me. I just love Mexican food. We talked some—not as much as we had done over the phone. He laughed a lot. I think it was a nervous laugh because nothing I said was funny. I don’t really remember the conversations. I remember the food more than I remember what we talked about.

But there was one thing that he said, and I felt some kind of way about it. He said that he had told his daughter about me and that there may be something there. Excuse me! You told who what? Let me decipher that. You told your daughter that there may be something between you and me? Wait a minute, let me see if I got this straight. As far as a relationship, you told your daughter that there may be something between you and me? Why? Why would you do that?

Dude, in your on-line profile, you wrote that you were looking for friendship, someone to hang out with. Now you’re telling people—no, now you’re telling your daughter—that there may be something there. For real? Come on, Man!

I was not happy with him thinking that because I’d done nothing to lead him to that conclusion and the fact that he told others—no, his daughter—that there may be something there was crazy to me. For real? You had never met me, Man! You only talked to me a few times, Man! Based off that, what would make you think I want a relationship with you, Man? I told you, I felt some kind of way about that comment which in turn made me feel some kind of way about him.

We finished our lunch with minimum conversation on my part. I didn’t want to hear his voice—I just didn’t. I remained pleasant but the winds had shifted—and he knew it.

When we waked out of the restaurant, he was in front of me. He held out his hand behind him as if I was supposed to hold it. (I laughed to myself and ignored that gesture.) He walked me to my car and made some comment about going to the beach with his kids. I wondered why he was going to the beach with grown kids. It’s not like his kids were little. Was he trying to tell me what I would be missing out on? Really? Galveston? (Again, I laughed to myself.)


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