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When I told my 6th grade students that we were going to begin a unit on letter writing, I was met with a lot of moans and groans. One student even said, “We don’t write letters, we text.” Well that may be true, but for the next week, they will be writing letters–friendly letters. (It’s in my curriculum, and I made a lesson plan for it, so it’s a done deal, y’all! They’re writing letters!)

I give them a topic, and they decide to whom they’d like to write. Along with the letter, they have to correctly address an envelope. They have a lot to say. Some of them are even funny. I think they enjoy letter writing. Who knew?

Their uproar made me think about today’s kids. There are many things they are growing up without. Things that my generation had and was happy to have it. One of those things is cursive writing. I couldn’t wait to write in cursive and with a pen! Today, my 6th graders come in with a pencil and everyday they ask if they are supposed to use a pencil or a pen. Everyday I remind them that this is not math class, and they need a pen–blue or black. I used to only accept blue pens, but I have since given up that battle. They also ask–everyday–if they should write in print or cursive. While I prefer cursive, they don’t always come to me knowing how to write in cursive, and since I am not the handwriting teacher, I accept print. At this point, I just need to be able to read what they are writing, so my everyday answer is, “Cursive or print–whichever you do neater.”

What I Wore: Dress. Dress Barn Shoes: Rack Room Shoes
What I Wore:
Dress: Dress Barn
Shoes: Rack Room Shoes

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  1. Your Aunt Carolyn told me about your blog this morning and I couldn’t wait to read it. I commend you for keeping this record of your teaching years. You have done an excellent job of relating “how it really is” for educators today… along with a sense of wry humor! I will continue to follow your year. Thank you, thank you for being a blogger.

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