We Don’t Do That

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What I Wore: Dress: Macy’s Shoes: Steinmart

So, I’m walking down the elementary hall and I see a 4th grader (my future soror) standing outside her classroom with her hand on the window just dancing around, having a good time.

Me: May I ask why you’re standing here?

Her: Because the teacher told me to get out of her classroom because she thought I was talking.

Me: Where you talking?

Her: I was asking somebody for a pencil.

Me: So you WERE talking. You came to school today, didn’t have your supplies, and then proceeded to do just what the teacher told you not to do. Let me tell you something. (I walked straight into her personal space and said): I know my future soror is NOT in trouble with her teacher over some foolishness. WE–Alpha Kappa Alpha women–don’t do that. WE know how to behave in the classroom. WE sit up straight in our seats and pay attention at all times. WE are always respectful to our teachers.  While those other students are in the class, learning new things and getting their work done, you’re standing out here with your hand on the window. Do you know what you look like? I can’t even say it.

Let me tell you something else, lil lady, whenever your teacher decides to let you back inside of HER classroom, you’d better put your bottom in a seat and close your mouth. When she asks a question, your hand needs to be the first in the air ready to answer it. When she gives an assignment, you’d better get it done completely and to the best of our ability. You do hear me? (I didn’t give her a chance to answer–it was a rhetorical question.)

And let me tell you something else. If your behavior doesn’t improve, you need to start thinking about another sorority to join because you won’t be joining mine. You’d better find one that doesn’t care about bad behavior and bad attitudes.

Then I turned and walked away. I heard a faint, “Yes, ma’am,” but I didn’t look back or acknowledge it. She’s a fourth grader. She doesn’t know that I’m not in charge of who becomes a member of the sorority. All she needs to know right now, is that I want her to do better than she did yesterday.