I Wish You Would!

What I Wore: Dress: Macy's Shoes: Off Broadway Shoes
What I Wore:
Dress: Macy’s
Shoes: Off Broadway Shoes

Meanwhile in Room 30, one of my classes has become rather mean spirited towards one another. If a student gives a wrong answer, they laugh. If a student mispronounces a word, they laugh. If someone drops their pencil bag, they laugh. Anything that happens, they laugh. Well today someone went to the board and put up the wrong answer. What did they do?  Yep, they laughed.

I had to use my teacher voice on them today. I went on for 10 minutes telling them that nothing was funny, no one is doing stand up comedy in this classroom, and we are all here to learn. I had to remind them that no one knows everything, and we need to patient with one another and encourage each other.

I also went on to say that if I laughed every time one of them made a mistake, I would laugh from the time they walked in to the time they walked out. Before it was over, I had banned laughing in my classroom. Yes, I banned laughing. I sure did.

There was complete silence and straight faces. All eyes were on me and then out of nowhere it happened. Wait for t, wait for it…I pooted.

And then I dared anybody to laugh.