Happy Birthday To Ya

FB_IMG_1433866179966People are celebrating their birthdays longer than they ever did. What I mean by that is that instead of having a birthday party on your actual birthday, people are having birthday weeks and birthday months. It’s great to celebrate your birthday–it means you’re still alive.

My friends are no exception to this trend. This weekend, I helped one of my sisters bring in her 37th birthday on Saturday night. We went to Bar 88 for drinks and dancing (I didn’t do either). I don’t usually do bars and clubs, but since this was my sister’s celebration, I was there with bells on. Another sister prepared some of the menu items, so we just ate, talked, people watched, and took pictures. It was so much fun! The next day, I helped that same sister celebrate her 37th birthday again at Peli Peli in the Galleria. I’d never been there before, and I must say I was apprehensive about the menu because I heard it was African food, and I’d never had African food before.

Peli Peli was great! The atmosphere was spectacular. The conversations between sisters were genuine, the menu was wonderful. This is still Houston Restaurant Week, so most of us ordered from the brunch menu or the lunch menu. A few sisters ordered from the dinner menu. For my first course, I had the samosa. It was like an eggroll with chicken and rice along with two dipping sauces. For my second course, I had the steak trio with roasted red potatoes, and sautéed baby spinach. My steak was so tender and well seasoned, I was mad when it was gone. Needless to say, it was all delicious! It was all $20.00! Our waiter told us about their happy hour, which they call happy day. I will definitely put them on my “must do again” list. First, I need to get a “must do again” list.

Tuesday is my sister’s actual birthday. We’ve been celebrating since Saturday and I’m exhausted. However, when she says that she wants me to help her celebrate her birthday, I will be there with bells on.

Happy birthday, Sunset! I love you, and may you have many more birthdays to celebrate.

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Read a Book, Write a Report

It’s time for book reports. My 7th grade students will be writing book reports this week and next week. I’ve had students who have done reports on this book before, but I think this is the first time I’ve had a female student to report on this book. Her perspective was different from the guys and in fact, it was because of her report that I decided to read this book.

The boys usually focus on Percy Jackson as being a demigod and having to search for the lightening that someone stole from Zeus and his adventures in fighting monsters and evil spirits. When the young lady reviewed this book, she focused more on Percy Jackson as being biracial saying that his mom was from the human race and his dad was a Greek god. She talked about him just trying to find a place to belong–he didn’t belong in his mother’s world and he desperately wanted attention from his dad even it that meant going to hell and back.

I thought it was.facebook_1440817244919 a unique perspective and one that I hadn’t heard before.

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Ask Your Neighbor

After giving what I thought were simple directions…

Student: Ms. McCraw, what were the directions?

Me: Ask your neighbor.

*whispering between students*

Student: What do you do when your neighbor doesn’t know either?

After I finished laughing on the inside, I gave the directions again.

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What I Wore: Dress: The Dress Barn Necklace: Versona Accessories
What I Wore:
Dress: Dress Barn
Necklace: Versona Accessories