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Hello and welcome to Lesson Plans and Pretty Dresses! I’m so glad you decided to stop by. First things first: I can’t sing, dance, or clap on beat, but that doesn’t mean I PhotoGrid_1441425874019won’t try. My name is Carla McCraw and I am a middle school English teacher in Houston, Texas. I have been teaching for 20 years. Wow, 20 years! That sounds like a long time–and it is. It seems like yesterday when Mr. Lucius Guillory was interviewing me for the position of reading teacher at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School. I got the job. I didn’t want the job, but I took it (I had student loans to pay). That turned out to be a very hard year for me. I was young, fresh out of school, unsure of myself, and I was thrown into a school of over 100 middle school students.

There was nothing I could teach the 8th graders. They were the “leaders” of the school, they knew everything (of course the didn’t), and I was not the teacher they were used to. There was nothing I could teach the 7th graders because–well because they were 7th graders. And then there were the 6th graders. The 6th graders loved Ms. McCraw! They thought I was pretty. They thought I was their big sister or aunt. They thought I wore pretty shoes and pretty dresses. They did everything I asked and more. I couldn’t wait for the end of the day when they came to my class. I still love and welcome 6th graders because they first loved and welcomed me.

Over the years, I have had thousands of students. They come back to visit every now and then. It’s always a pleasure to see the young ladies and young men that they have become. Sometimes, they bring their children to meet me. That’s always a joy for me to see that once little middle school student is now a parent. On occasion I may hear that a former student has gone down the wrong path. I say a prayer for them and ask God to guide them safely back to his loving arms.

Now, every now and then I leave Room 30 to have a little fun with family, friends, and sisters. That’s enough about me. I hope you enjoy my blog. I hope you visit often and be gentle and with your comments.

Happy teaching,

Ms. McCraw


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  1. Former students of yours found this blog and really apperciate it. Though we noticed there were some improper sentences…. ???, we totally loved it! Hope you can write some more blog entries about your daily life! Hope to hear back.
    Love, two former students ???

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